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A joy of flowers and light

An annual exhibition of Amaryllis flowers has been a key attraction at the Château de Beloeil for more than 25 years as a tribute to nature’s annual rebirth. Participating florists adorn the château with more than 5000 amaryllis flowers sponsored by Dutch cut flower company Berbee.  This year, the Upcoming Florist initiative and MK Illumination Belgium came together to create an unforgettable floral experience in the castle’s inner courtyard.


The main feature of the garden was a dancing horse decorated with red Gloriosa blossoms. The horse is a special illuminated lighting motif from MK Illumination’s own manufacturing plant with the points of light illuminated resplendently with red Amaryllis. The inner courtyard of the château also featured a six-metre tall tree filled with wonderful white Amaryllis blooms.


“Our château was literally enchanted by the wonderful and stylish lighting design by MK Illumination Belgium, which young creative florists decorated with thousands of blossoms,” said owners Prince and Princess de Ligne.


Pascal Berbée was delighted with the synergy created by the flower blossoms and light. “I have never seen my flowers presented in such a beautiful way. I hope we can also work together next year in Keukenhof (NL).”


Nature and technology – a harmonious symbiosis

The impressive symbiosis created by Upcoming Flowers and MK Illumination yielded unique designs and delivered an unprecedented touch to the château.  With these stunningly beautiful creations, MK Illumination Belgium once again showed the world that festive lighting concepts can offer so much more than just bright Christmas decorations.


Upcoming Florist

Through their Upcoming Florist initiative, Micheline Vansintjan and An Theunynck share their know-how with start-up florists.  These florists can use the platform for networking and exchange, and also to realize larger-scale collective projects.



The Château de Beloeil and the Princes de Ligne

The “Belgian Versailles”, the vast domain of the Princes de Ligne – a renowned Belgian noble family - was originally built as a medieval fortress but over the centuries it has been transformed into a country residence. The lavish gardens in the immediate vicinity of the château were established in 1664. They were planned and implemented by a student of Le Nôtre, the renowned French landscape architect.  In the 17th and 18th centuries, the structure was developed into a multi-story, French-style château, and expanded by the construction of two wings.

A fire damaged large parts of the château during the 1900 New Year’s celebrations and it was rebuilt in 1906 under the direction of the French architect Paul-Ernest Sanson.


i-String Lite

Lighting constantly evolves and at MK Illumination we are always striving to deliver new innovative ways to make our lights deliver inspiration and atmosphere for our customers.  When further development of String Lites was undertaken, this was done with intelligence – not only is it possible to control each LED individually, but they are now also available in RGB colours. Developed by MK Illumination in cooperation with Lancaster University.


i-String Lite opens up a new dimension of 2D and even 3D animations – now also available in RGB colours. This results in motifs and animations with an even stronger emotional message. Thanks to the powerful control and calibration software, LEDs can be controlled individually and content can be modified in real time. Also, it is possible to adapt effects and advertising messages to specific target groups instantly adding them to the animations interactively.


1001 possibilities in the RGB colour mode

The centrepiece of the inter-connectable low-voltage (36V) i-String Lite light chains are the intelligent LED points of light in warm white, brilliant white and for multi-colour effects, the new RGB colour mode (red, green, blue). All LEDs can be controlled in real time and are perfectly suited for targeted interactive advertising messages projected onto the facades of buildings. Individual light chains can be linked to form a network creating particularly vivid and visually effective animations and effects, interactive patterns as well as tickers. Note also that, as the LEDs can be controlled individually, it is possible to produce a variety of 2D and complex 3D colour animations, such as those popular in tree decorations and motifs. One good example is the oversized hummingbird which was first showcased at Christmasworld in Frankfurt. Inspired by the colours of the feathers naturally shimmering in green metallic, the MK Illumination designers developed a gigantic hummingbird in their own production facility. Employing the new i-String Lite, they created an effect showing it ‚sipping‘ nectar out of flowers in gently alternating RGB colours.


Thrilled to sponsor the Purple Apples

The Brewery, London was host to the inaugural Purples Apples on 7th May 2015.  This years’ event was full of glitz and glamour with over 520 guests enjoying the highlight of the BCSC Marketing calendar.  


Presenter Edith Bowman opened the evening in full swing and the live twitter wall created an engaging dynamic throughout.  MK Illumination UK provided the décor for the evening creating a stunning backdrop for the awards.  With oversized purple infused light baubles and cone tree’s the atmosphere for success was set.  In addition the team provided an interactive Big Ben installation for guests to enjoy a touch of London spirit for team photos.


MK Illumination CEO, Klaus Mark says ‘We are thrilled to sponsor the Purple Apples and celebrate the success of Marketing colleagues within the industry.  For us the event is the pinnacle of what we do as a business in the UK market.’’


A real highlight for the MK team was to see  several clients win the coveted awards especially INTU Metrocentre win the Golden Apple award.



MK Illumination has become a Gold Associate Partner with the 2015 UN International Year of Light (IYL). A ‘golden’ opportunity to engage with prestigious international partners as they seek to promote light science and its application for humanity.

YL 2015 is a global initiative that highlights the importance of light focusing on optical and sustainable technologies. MK Illumination supports the IYL through its commitment to sustainable lighting and the advance of associated technology. The company’s BUY SMART campaign, which embraces the use of high quality patented long-life LEDs, best practices in packaging, and many other areas all underline its commitment to sustainable lighting in particular, and sustainable practices in general. Klaus Mark, CEO of MK Illumination says “By partnering with leading UN agencies in this anniversary year, we commit to making a contribution to a better world on a truly global stage. This associate partnership is also in keeping with our philosophy to ‘act global and think local’.”


Winter Wonderland in Europe's biggest Shopping Centre

Avia Park, Moscow, Europe’s biggest shopping centre chose MK Illumination to supply its New Year’s decoration. A fantasy of festive illumination simulating a Russian Winter. Located only seven kilometres from Red Square and the Kremlin, the lighting design for MK Illumination’s client AMMA Development featured drape lights in the atrium to symbolize Russia’s typical heavy snowfall.  MK Illumination’s String Lites were also mounted on the exterior glass façade for extra seasonal atmosphere in keeping with the theme of a Russian Winter. Other outstanding features were the birch trees in the snow, the giant 10metre Christmas Tree in the main mall and the popular “Henry the Moose” motif.


„Creativity & Design“ on the Christmasworld 2015

MK Illumination was at Christmas World 2015 to underline the importance of creativity and design in festive lighting and decorations.  Designers in the Creative Kitchen helped clients ‘cook up’ creativity and storytelling to inject new energy into creative displays.

The Knit Lounge, a haven of handcrafts, home and hearth saw clients relax in seating suitable for shopping centres, which were integrated into giant Christmas Globes. They experienced how traditional handcrafts are used to create warmth and flair.  In addition they learnt how product development using innovative materials is central to MK Illumination’s design process.

Time Stands Still. In a dramatic example of how to capture the perfect moment, MK Illumination displayed a spectacular freeze-framed hummingbird as it sipped nectar from a flower and captured the moment that two female deer look up from grazing when they hear a noise. Another feature was the Story Tree inspired by classical ‘shadow theatre’ and 19th century magic lanterns that displayed scenes from Grimm’s fairy tales.


Christmas shopping with international flair:

The brand new festive lighting for Vienna’s Central Station, designed by MK Illumination, plays with the eye-catching, geometric diamond shapes, a distinct feature of the building's architecture. The display was first  illuminated on November 17, 2014. More than 200,000 points of light were used to create a breathtaking ambience and highlight the station’s distinctive architecture and strengthen its identity.

To cater for the special needs of such a prestigious and flagship project in the Austrian capital, MK Illumination began the development phase of the design concept in Autumn 2013. Individually designed motifs were then handcrafted at MK Illumination’s own manufacturing facility for the display.



MK Illumination is proud to once again be assigned the task of bringing Christmas to Stockholm. Following a tender process for Stockholmsjul we are pleased to present a traditional Swedish Christmas within the display.

The Christmas lighting display is bigger than ever, including decoration in 400 different locations, at 35 of the city’s most prominent addresses and featuring 710,708 points of light. The leading stars in the Stockholm city project are the Swedish elks and gnomes (tomtenisse) that will be found all around Stockholm center.

“The concept is spectacular and traditional. MK Illumination has been tastefully true to our core values and created a concept that visitors will love. The proposal also has a clear environmental profile,” says Per Eriksson, CEO City i Samverkan. MK Illumination will supply the Stockholmsjul illuminations from 2014 to 2016. 

Niclas Johansson, CEO of MK Illumination in Sweden: “We are very proud to be part of our capital’s Christmas spirit. And we are eager to see Stockholm ‘residents and tourists’ reaction to our new ideas.” 

The festive display has had a direct impact on tourism in the Swedish capital. In a survey in December 2013, 8 out of 10 visitors thought the Christmas lighting concept was attractive or very attractive. Since 2011 sales in Stockholm have increased by 14 % in December, according to City i Samverkan. Hotel bookings during Christmas rose by 10 % in 2013 compared to 2010. 


Kaufhaus “Tyrol” Interior Passages

One year after Kaufhaus Tyrol’s attractive architecture in the heart of Innsbruck took center stage with its fantastic festive lighting decoration by MK Illumination, the interior of the shopping center is now decked out in completely new Christmas lighting.

“The festive lighting in the Kaufhaus Tyrol is for me a successful interpretation of the clear and design-oriented architecture of the center. The stars symbolize the power of light when set against the white interior and exterior elements of the building. They are for us something unattainable; something that is above and beyond us. Stars are the appropriate symbol for a Christmas ambience, probably not just for me but also for the visitors to the center,” said MK Illumination’s Andreas Frischmann, Head of Sales and Project Business Austria, speaking about the successful project.

Some eight over-dimensional shooting stars and eighteen magnificent illuminated trees create festive accents in the interior passages of the department store. In total, 70,000 patented and energy saving premium LEDs are illuminating the Kaufhaus.

The brilliant “Star of Tyrol” over the main entrance to the building is and remains the crowning leitmotiv of the entire outstanding presentation.

Kaufhaus Tyrol as a real festive piece of art fits very harmoniously into the existing lighting concept of the Maria-Theresien-Straße downtown area, a festive lighting project that has been in the hands of MK Illumination for 16 years.


Leiden 2014

Christmas lighting for the Dutch city of Leiden is this year dedicated to UNICEF, the United Nations agency for the protection and rights of our children. Sponsored by MK Illumination Holland and with organization in the hands of the city management of Leiden, the lighting, first illuminated on November 6, 2014 featured a light parade with a UNICEF theme and Organic Balls that had been decorated by 20 artists and 600 children. Thousands of enthusiastic city residents and visitors turned out to see the organic balls illuminated for the first time. The display is set to enliven Leiden’s Christmas atmosphere throughout the festive season.


Stockholm’s Christmas lighting a hit with visitors

Stockholm’s Christmas lighting a hit with visitors, hotels and retail                                 

MK Illumination has helped Stockholm to strengthen its international appeal over the festive period with the development and installation of one of Europe’s largest Christmas lighting displays. 


MK Illumination works with City I Samverkan (City in Cooperation), - a platform of property owners, traders and stakeholders, and the Stockholm Ministry of Transport to develop the spectacular Stockholmsjul (‘Stockholm Christmas’) illuminations that light up the city with attractive motifs featuring 598,979 energy efficient LEDs.


Surveys show that the festive lighting has enhanced Stockholm’s appeal as Scandinavia’s leading visitor and shopping destination over Christmas and even boosted its reputation as a safe inner city. Increases in retail sales and hotel occupancy (up by 14%) in 2011 continued in 2012 with a reported steady improvement in visitor numbers. Visitors also reported that MK Illumination’s festive decoration scheme helped to reassure visitors of their safety in the city center.


City I Samverkan surveyed more than 600 visitors in December 2012. 40% said that they were positively influenced in choosing Stockholm as their preferred shopping destination because of the Christmas lights. 60% said they would recommend Stockholm city to their friends and family because of the Christmas lights and 90% rated the Christmas light concept as ‘attractive’ or ‘very attractive’. When asked - “What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Christmas in Stockholm?” or “What do you think would enhance the Christmas atmosphere feeling in the city centre?” “Christmas lighting” was one of the number one answers!


Lighting Summer Splash

Creative outdoor lighting can add the crowning summer splash of colour and celebration to any event. When in the hands of experts, the seductive allure of warm summer evening air and holiday atmosphere can be enhanced by creative lighting.
Instant and irresistible charm and ambience for festive city lighting, a summer wedding, anniversary or beach festival, a holiday resort, sporting or concert venue can all be transformed by MK Illumination’s professional creative lighting experts.
The service encompasses everything from bright idea to design concept, installation and even secure demounting and packing for future use. High quality, energy saving, long lasting environmentally friendly – creative lighting by MK Illumination transforms any special summer occasion into something memorable.


MK Illumination on Carte Blanche

MK Illumination was approached by the Carte Blanche Investigative Journalism hit television programme to supply them with Festive Decor for their studio.

Supplying Decor for television broadcasting is more complicated than normal, as the intensity of the LED’s needs to be adjusted to the right level of lumens to suit the cameras.

MK’s team of technicians was able to adjust the Baby Rhino to a level that was camera friendly.



MK Illumination light up the Purple Apples!

Last Thursday’s Purple Apples were full of glitz and glamour as the MK Illumination management team celebrated with the winners to mark their achievements within the real estate sector.


This year was Mk Illuminations first as the principal sponsor of the event as they lit up the Brewery London with bespoke decorations that captivated the guests.  The life size illuminated tree and giant sparkling baubles generated numerous pictures spread over social media and showcased the vast array of festive decorations the company provides to the industry.  The evening was attended by over 450 guests who enjoyed a delicious dinner and awards ceremony hosted by celebrity presenter Claudia Winkleman.  


The highlight of the evening was the MK Illumination Santa Claus throne.  The photo competition drew attention from 135 attendee’s which had their photos taken on the throne.


Klaus Mark, CEO of MK Illumination who attended commented ‘the collaboration with the Purple Apples has been a worthwhile opportunity for MK Illumination and it was great that so many of our clients from across the UK were able to join us. We were proud to provide all of the decorations for the event and we are thrilled the guests who attended enjoyed them.’



MK Illumination turns ICSC

Guests at the MK Illumination-sponsored ICSC European Conference Networking Dinner in Istanbul on 2nd April decided to make it a royal photo opportunity with our new illuminated ‘throne’.   As well as seeing its potential for future shopping centre promotions, more than 70 prospective ‘Kings and Queens’ decided to take home a souvenir of the occasion by being photographed on the sparkling LED-decorated throne. The dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel was definitely a royal occasion!


MK Illumination wishes you - Happy Easter


MK Illumination UK

MK Illumination has seen a major boost to its UK business turnover following the reassignment of well over 100 major Christmas lighting contracts from the failed Fuzzwire business - originally a market competitor. Fuzzwire went into liquidation just before Christmas, but MK Illumination stepped in and took on its business. Since then MK Illumination has been in the important process of novating the large number of contracts - handling the important post-Christmas dismantle of complex festive displays, and welcoming all new clients, centres and towns to its team.

MK Illumination already ‘supplies Christmas’ to leading retail destinations worldwide including Westfield Stratford City, Manchester City Centre, Bluewater and Gloucester Quays in the UK. MK Illumination ended its last financial year with a turnover in excess of 54 million Euros. Significant UK centres joining MK Illumination as part of the Fuzzwire deal include Arndale, Manchester; MetroCentre, Gateshead; Cribbs Causeway, Bristol; Liverpool1; Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow; and Canary Wharf, London.

Speaking about the UK market, Paul Dove, Sales Director at MK Illumination UK said, “This is an incredibly exciting time for MK Illumination, especially in the UK where we’re managing an exceptional portfolio of centres. Our next 12 months are all about consolidation for the business and maintaining the high level of quality and service we have become known for right across the country. More than ever we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional schemes for our clients.”

MK Illumination has made a name for itself in the Christmas lighting and decorations sector since 1996, and now works worldwide in over 120 countries from 28 divisional subsidaries, maintaining its head office in Innsbruck, Austria. The business is dedicated to applying leading technology, spotlighting design and innovation, and applying a “global-local” approach to major retail destinations – whether they be shopping centres or town centres. As a result, MK Illumination has become the market leading company to “bring Christmas” to shopping malls and town centres across the UK and around the world.

The MK Team has also expanded significantly as a result. The deal has seen new jobs for many of the former employees including key business, creative and manufacturing roles - with further roles expected to be announced once the re-assignment of clients is complete. By keeping the core operational teams the same, a smooth transition into the single MK Illumination business has been ensured, maintaining its outstanding record of punctuality in the build-up to Christmas.

Statistics are available on the numbers involved in creating Christmas each year, as well as hi- resolution photography of displays. 


Merry Christmas or Merry Kissmas?

Work on the new and exciting Kissmas Project in Xintiandi district Shanghai is underway. A huge spectacle is on display in the main plaza, the result of our cooperation with the Xintiandi client and Paul Cocksedge Studio London is creating curiosity and pleasure. Xintiandi district is the most popular shopping and excursion mile in Shanghai with restaurants and many shopping and entertainment opportunities.
The first trees are already decorated. A total of 150 trees in the outer area are being decorated with warm white flashing String Lites. The tree in the inner area will be illuminated with arm white LEDs that will change to “red with envy” when the couple under the tree kiss! The entire district will be lit up with no less than 125,320 LED points of light.


Urban Elegance

The lighting installation “Urban Elegance” combined glamorous style and exquisite taste. Christmas lighting and elements of fashion were used here to create a stylish context for the glamorous world of elegant outfits and exclusive luxury – the perfect way to lend a special flair to shopping centers. A floating cloud of flying hats displayed above illuminated silhouettes of women in elegant evening dresses were among the impressive ‘highlights’ at the MK Illumination booth. While these floating hats are beautiful objects in themselves, they may also be used to give a sense of direction and to guide the visitor through the shopping center. The hat display is an extremely flexible installation and can easily be transformed and adjusted to any
individual setting to suit the customer’s requirements.



This scenery is created around a playful installation, which allows customers to interact with light. MK Illumination invites the customer to explore a magic birch forest in a fantasy world – while sitting on a training bike. The speed with which the bike is operated controls its impact
on the lighting installation. The beauty of the concept is that there are multiple ways in which customers can add to the setting. For example, time and distance can be measured. Or the installation can be integrated into fund-raising activities, in which a charity organization receives
a small amount for each mile of the virtual biking trip. And at the same time, exciting social media content is created and customer data collected.


“Where is Santa?”

Amazing light installations, plus a magic Christmas world combined with augmented reality that invites customers to be part of an adventure. The result is a new generation of interactive lighting displays”, this is how Klaus Mark, CEO of MK Illumination, describes this groundbreaking, innovative and successful concept. The “offline” installation combined MK Illumination lighting displays with animated figures from the Creation Group. The accompanying book tells an exciting tale for ‘children of all ages’ about the disappearance of and search for Santa Claus. The installation consisted of four interactive pages, beautifully designed with elements of augmented reality, which come to life through the
interaction of the customer. How does this work? The customer logs into the computer, starts the animation on the screen and the book helps them to find Santa Claus. These augmented reality tools for shopping centers not only create attractive entertainment for customers; they also allow for the collection of customer data and are a potential source of revenue through the sale of books and merchandise.


Blissful Christmas – individual zeitgeist meets local tradition

In this fast-moving, ever-changing world, lasting values are of the utmost importance. Especially in times of crisis, people increasingly long for tradition, security, wellbeing, stability, and a link to local identity. In line with this trend, MK Illumination has developed a lighting installation with a
distinct feel-good factor. The festive lighting display “Blissful Christmas“ used traditional symbols to satisfy this desire for lasting values. It included 3D-light motifs such as a wood-burning fireplace, an armchair, Christmas garlands and a harmoniously integrated Christmas wreath embellished with illuminated candles. All of these lighting elements were carefully handcrafted in MK Illumination’s own manufacturing facility and were real “highlights”. The warm-white light creates a pleasant, cozy atmosphere in this interior space, while matching textiles enhance the feeling of a safe and secure environment.


Christmasworld 2014

Visit us at the
Christmasworld 2014, 24.-28.01.2014
Frankfurt am Main – Hall 11.0 / Booth C45
Contact us to arrange a personal consultation:

Follow the exiting journey on our 

The journey to Christmasworld 2014 - The Video - Part 2.



Christmasworld 2014

Visit us at the
Christmasworld 2014, 24.-28.01.2014
Frankfurt am Main – Hall 11.0 / Booth C45
Contact us to arrange a personal consultation:

Follow the exiting journey on our 

The journey to Christmasworld 2014 - The Video - Part 2.



The formula of Tyrol’s export success

EXPORT CHAMPIONS – Key figures from Tyrol’s leading companies gather at “Export Tirol 13” in Innsbruck to discuss the region’s successful export market.


The Chamber of CommerceTirol’s Department of Foreign Affairs were delighted to welcome guests to the inaugural "Export Tirol 13" event. The event saw successful export companies from the Tyrol region gather together to share their experiences of operating on the global stage, and discuss important aspects of international trade.


Despite recent economic uncertainty, Tyrol’s leading export companies have continued to perform strongly. With the slogan "Formula for unlimited success", the event focussed on how companies can expand into new and emerging markets and develop a platform to ensure continued growth. Our sparkling showroom in Innsbruck provided the perfect setting to listen to high-profile speakers, including Professor Georg Jungwirth, who reported on his research into Austria’s Hidden Champions.


PET bottles and LEDs

MK Illumination in Croatia have cooperated with the Arena Center in the capital Zagreb to produce a stunning 12.1 meter Christmas Tree made entirely out of empty green PET bottles. The result is a stunning Eco Christmas Tree at the shopping center and a tribute to the people of Zagreb who gathered 4000 discarded bottles in a single month. Arena Center is the biggest Trigranit Shopping Center in Croatia.


MK Illumination provided the frame for the tree and was also responsible for adding lighting in the form of more than a thousand meters of its String Lite® product, which when reflected through the structure of PET bottles has a really magical effect. After the tree was constructed, the technical team from the shopping center decorated it with an additional 3,500 PET bottles to produce a truly unique ECO Christmas Tree.

The final touch before the lights were turned on in what was Croatia’s biggest-ever ECO project was when Croatian opera diva Sandra Bagarić placed the “crown” on top of the 12-meter tree to symbolize a ‘black pearl of hope’.


The good news doesn’t stop there. The bottles collected for creating the tree will be dismantled at the end of the festive season and recycled. The money this raises will be donated to a humanitarian organization called DORA – DORA. This, the country’s biggest non-profit NGO, finds sponsors from all over the world and connects then with poor, seriously ill Croatian children who may have either one or no parents, or are victims of harassment. They are also children who are unusually gifted and have shown great scholarly achievement


Note images available at:



Christmasworld 2014

Visit us at the
Christmasworld 2014, 24.-28.01.2014
Frankfurt am Main – Hall 11.0 / Booth C45
Contact us to arrange a personal consultation:

Follow the exiting journey on our

The journey to Christmasworld 2014 - The Video


Iberoamerican Retail and Shopping Centers Forum

A business bridge between Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe.

The forum is an exclusive meeting to facilitate business contacts between investors, developers, consultants and traders from Iberoamerican area. The main objective is to facilitate the institutional relations between them creating a favorable environment for the development of business between the two continents.
Alberto Bravo, Managing Director of Property Management at Sonae Sierra (Spain and Romania) will chair the Forum.

Other participants:
Peter Caupers .Member of Board of Directors and Director of Investment and Asset Management of Sonae Sierra.
Just Martin. General Director of Carrefour Property Spain.
Simon Orchard. CEO Unibail-Rodamco Spain.
Roberto Roca. Investment Manager & Head of Spain at Orion Capital Managers.
Alfredo Cohen. Director of Sambil Constructions and Chairman of the Shopping Centers Chamber of Venezuela.
Juan Jose Calle. CEO of Jockey Plaza. President of the Shopping Center Association of Peru.

Alvaro Jalaff. Executive Vice-President of PATIO. Chile.


MK Illumination will sponsor this event! 



One of the outstanding features of the Muju Deogyusan resort in South Korea’s Deogyusan National Park some
200 km south of Seoul is the spectacular Hotel Tirol. It was here in this Asian ski resort that MK Illumination Korea
created fascinating decorative lighting in June 2013 on the occasion of the Muju Film Festival. While the lighting was especially created for the film festival, it now re mains a permanent attraction at this hotel so reminiscent of the Austrian Tyrol. For the display MK Illumination Korea introduced two of the company’s most popular motifs: the Stag (product number 931-875) and the Artificial Tree (product number 924-529). The resort management is very happy and satisfied with the MK Illumination products, which have become popular objects for guests’ camera lenses.



MK Illumination im Gespräch mit Lichtkünstler Mauritz De Vries aus Göteborg

Dialogue with customer and lighting artist Mauritz De Vries from Goetheburg MK Illumination in Sweden is happy to work with lighting
artist Mauritz De Vries (www.ambientljusdesign.se) in the city of Gothenburg since 2008. We talked to Mauritz about the partnership and asked him for some feedback, which we always value from our customers. How would you describe your experience working with MK? Mauritz: MK Illumination has always been able to deliver bright lights of a very good quality. Has MK Illumination been able to help you with creative input?
Mauritz: From the idea to the final solution, it has always been great. We have had a very good dialogue about how to fulfill the mission.
Are you satisfied with the way MK is able to interpret the lighting motifs you design? Mauritz: MK Illumination has delivered beautiful motifs and
if there were even more different colors I would be happy about it.
What has been the biggest project you have worked
on together?
Mauritz: The biggest project is the Gothenburg City Lights.
That was exciting to design and now a few years later it is still
very beautiful and creates a good atmosphere.


MK Illumination Strip Lite®

The innovative MK Illumination Strip Lite® is a light band with high brightness SMD LEDs. Suitable for use for both interior and exterior applications, it has an angle of reflected beam of light of 120 degrees, 40 LEDS and approximately 600 lumen of brightness per meter of length. Strip Lite© can be mounted on special tracks and is compatible with the well-known MK Illumination QuickFix® Low Voltage system. It can be any length and can be
combined with other lighting components.


Quite Simple Magic

In the distant past we had to smash flint stones to create a spark to ignite the flame, then our only basic manmade source of light. Today we push a button or a switch to activate a shining light and even that may seem an effort in our increasingly automated world. In a playful installation that was presented at the London Design Festival, LEDs were lit up according to the energy generated by visitors blowing onto a pinwheel. This interaction is simple but it has the power to evoke a quite intense emotional experience. Today, light is taken for granted in our world where the creation of magical 3D movies and complex animation is an everyday affair. The Blow installation may be a simple concept but it still has the power to create a magic moment. You have to move your body; you have to make an effort, if you want the lights to go on!
The installation Blow by Florian Dussopt was presented at The Fifth Element, Southbank Centre London More info: www.floriandussopt.com


Illuminated Nikolaus Boot set to be a hit for much-loved children’s treat

Children in the German- speaking countries look forward to the visit in early December of ‘Nikolaus’ the Santa Claus figure that brings small gifts to those who have been good. MK Illumination’s partner LUX MOMENTUM GmbH has followed up on one of their customer’s ideas for ‘Nikolaus-Shopping’ in the city of Bernau near Berlin. Leading up to the December 6 celebration, the customer has been using the “Nikolaus boot motif” in shop windows either as an oversized boot or many small boots. The idea was to heighten the excitement of the occasion so popular with children by creating a ‘trail of boots’. LUX MOMENTUM has proposed an illuminated boot to the customer and MK Illumination is working on a concept for a
3D motif, decorated with energy efficient LEDs. The ‘Nikolaus Boot’ will be about 150 cm tall. The illuminated ‘Nikolaus Boots’ will make their debut appearance at Bernau bei Berlin (http://www.bernau-bei-berlin.de) on December 6 for the ‘Big Nikolaus Shopping Bernau’. They will then be integrated into the Christmas illumination for the Advent season. 


Lighting up for Christmas

The first known electrically illuminated Christmas tree was the creation of Edward H. Johnson an associate of inventor Thomas Edison. As vice president of the Edison Electric Light company Johnson had Christmas tree light bulbs especially made for him. He proudly displayed his Christmas tree, which was hand-wired with 80 red, white and blue electric incandescent light bulbs the size of walnuts, on December 22, 1882 at his home on Fifth Avenue in in New York City. Local newspapers said it was a publicity stunt but it launched a tradition that has subsequently spread all over the world.


Last week looking over the rooftops of Innsbruck

A meeting with Vice Chancellor Michael Spindelegger and MK Illumination CEO Klaus Mark as part of a round of discussions concerning current economic topics.


MK Illumination makes summer a festive (lighting) affair!

Summer is a traditional time of outdoor celebration and many cities and municipalities take advantage of the season to stage outdoor events that can always be ‘enlightened’ with the use of festive lighting. The creative illumination of public spaces is a key area for MK Illumination as a range of recent projects in France and Turkey clearly illustrate.


Studies show that the distribution of light contributes to the transformation of the experience in urban environments so city and municipalities have much to gain by adding attractive festive illuminations to their events. The result: enhanced enjoyment and increased footfall, both of which increase the success rate of the occasion.


MK Illumination France sets the tone with impressive summer projects

MK Illumination in France prove the experts are right with their recent summer projects, also an indication that nothing is too big, or too small not to benefit from outstanding creative lighting.


One of their annual projects is a giant ceiling of thousands of blue-white, energy-efficient LED points of light in the city of Beaucaire in the south of France. Up to 1000 visitors dine each night under this magical ceiling during the five-day festival of multiple sporting and cultural attractions.


MK Illumination France is also charged with creating lighting magic in the VIP area of the summer festival at the famous “Pont du Gard”, again enhancing the visitor experience. And because every summer occasion deserves to be celebrated in lights, they have also been engaged in providing illuminations for private celebration like weddings and birthdays.


MK Illumination Turkey: exceptional public space lighting for Istanbul

Meanwhile further to the south, MK Illumination Turkey has provided memorable festive lighting at a number of municipal projects in and around Istanbul. Visitors to Camlica Hill were able to enjoy an ‘enlightened’ view of Istanbul’s spectacular Bosphorus, thanks to illuminations commissioned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. A second project, also for the Istanbul Municipality provided delightful summer festive lighting in Florya, a popular district in greater Istanbul, located along the Marmara Sea. A great place to enjoy the cool evening air and enjoy the festive lighting.


MK Illumination Turkey was also commissioned to provide festive street lighting for a major project for the Gazi Osman Pasa Municipality on the European side of the city of Istanbul. And in a fourth summer project, MK Illumination Turkey created festive summer lighting for the local municipality of Kagithane in a popular picnic area called Has Bahçe.


MK Illumination operates in a host of different countries and its experts draw on local and international knowledge to advise on and realize creative illumination projects of all sizes and dimensions. A comprehensive contact list of subsidiaries, exclusive partners and contacts for all countries can be found at our contactpage.


We are Niche Market National Champion!

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce honored their Niche Market National Champions as part of their program for their Austrian Export Day.  After a rigorous selection process, a jury of experts found that MK Illumination were clearly the best on the market in the category for ‘two- and three-dimensional lighting”.


Dr. Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, presented the certificate and the handsome glass trophy to honor the occasion to Thomas Mark, Vice President of MK Illumination, who accepted on behalf of his entire team.


To win, we had to prove that we hold a leading market position either worldwide or on the home continent.  We also were able to prove our outstanding achievements in the following areas:

  • Strength of Innovation
  • Technological Leadership
  • Employee Orientation
  • Corporate Culture, Social Responsibility
  • Diversification
  • Customer Proximity and Orientation
  • Strategic Cooperation

Thanks to you all!


The New Product Catalogue 2013/15!

In the true spirit of climate and environmental protection, the leading printers Gutenberg-Werbering headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria has been awarded the Austrian Eco Label for printed products. That guarantees that when they print our catalogue it is produced to be environmentally friendly, to save resources and not be harmful to our health.

The catalogue paper is made up of 60 percent recycled and 40 percent natural fibers. According to FSC regulations, the fibers come from carefully controlled, responsibly harvested managed forests.


At the beginning of production, Gutenberg-Werbering made every effort to compensate for the already minimized but still unavoidable CO2 emissions. Following the project the company engaged in voluntary support for a climate protection project to offset its CO2 footprint, which effectively further reduced the levels of emissions.


An impressive printing company in harmony with nature


Emporia Shopping Center tops visitor list of favorites in Southern Sweden

Emporia, a sparkling new shopping complex in Malmö, Sweden opened its doors in the last quarter of 2012 and has already been voted top of the list by visitors in an important survey by research company GFK.


Managed by Steen & Ström the mall drew praise from visitors for the “Sweden’s Malls 2013” Report in a wide range of categories including range of stores, price, accessibility, parking facilities, customer care and satisfaction, available information and opening hours. The survey covered 210 shopping centers in the southern Sweden region.


MK Illumination Sweden was proud to have the opportunity create seasonal festive lighting for Emporia’s first Christmas, which were perfectly in tune with the center’s stunning architectural and design features. The seasonal decorative lighting was a visitor attraction for this state-of-the-art Swedish shopping mall and MK Illumination congratulates Emporia on coming out on top in this important consumer-based survey.


MK Illumination at Germany ELTEFA Fair in Stuttgart!

MK made a big impression at the ELTEFA Fair in Stuttgart (March 20-22) and the company’s sparkling 20 square meter booth proved to be one of the most popular photographic motifs. The fair caters for the Electrics and Wholesale Electric segments and visitors were drawn to MK’s stand by the 5.5 m centerpiece tree magnificently decorated in Brilliant White/Brilliant White Flash energy-saving LEDs. On display were company’s special Organic motifs – the sustainable, eco-friendly solution for festive illuminations, and products from the MK Professional Line (http://bit.ly/XanzBe). The three presentations on the topic “Innovations in Festive Lighting” also created a lot of interest.


Celebrating Easter with MK’s festive lighting for all occasions

MK Illumination, tailors creative lighting concepts for occasions far beyond the traditional Christmas season. The company’s range of motifs also offers the perfect solution, irrespective of size or volume, for the Easter celebration.  

Festive Lighting for Easter in a sustainable way

 As Easter is the traditional season for renewal of nature, nothing could be more appropriate than using sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for decorative lighting to celebrate the season. For MK Illumination, the creation of high quality products that have an expanded life cycle is of increasing importance. Investment in quality lighting displays is both economically attractive for its clients while at the same time makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment, climate and natural resources. The use of patented, quality, energy efficient LEDs not only last longer but also save electricity while the use of organic and thus recyclable materials represents sustainable use of resources. 

Ask us about our new Easter motifs made of organic materials.

About that Easter Bunny

Some believe that the Easter Bunny is a symbol for an Anglo Saxon pagan fertility goddess Eostre, also called Ostara, the goddess of spring. This is also linked to the ‘sacrificing’ of eggs while the tradition of coloring eggs goes back to the 12th century. The egg is a universal symbol for fertility.


MK Illumination participates in Christmasworld Trend Area

MK Illumination was pleased to be among the participants of a Christmasworld 2013 initiative that saw the creation of a special trend area at the fair. The trend area allowed companies associated with the Christmas segment to highlight their products in accordance with the latest trends.

Christmasworld commissioned talented Dutch design team 2Dezign http://www.2dezign.nl to create the trend area for the popular trade fair in Frankfurt. MK seized the opportunity to illustrate the relevance of trends in 2Dezign’s “Window Wonderland” and representatives from 2Dezign came to the MK headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria to personally select a variety of lighting products for their trend area.

Participation in Window Wonderland in Hall 9 of the fair underlined MK’s intention to provide top class services to its clients by illustrating the latest trends in their field of conceptual lighting. The trends also reflected the expectations of today’s clients who increasingly demand best in high quality, sustainable decorative illuminations. MK’s own theme at the fair was “The Nature of Christmas” which illustrated the charm of integrating nature motifs and sustainable materials into illuminations for the festive season. 


MK Illumination to reveal the true ‘Nature of Christmas’

Leading festive lighting specialists MK Illumination is hoping to throw light on the true “Nature of Christmas’ at the Christmasworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany on January 25-29, 2013.


The company, which is dedicated to creating innovative illumination concepts, is looking forward to illustrating to visitors how the festive season can be meaningful and sparkling when linked to the theme of ‘nature’, as well as environmentally-friendly and cost effective.


In a fast moving and heavily commercialised world, MK Illumination believes now is the right time to reflect on the true ‘nature’ of Christmas. In presenting the latest in innovative and creative festive illuminations the company, which is headquartered in Austria and active in 23 countries, will be revealing a fresh approach to Christmas decorations in a way that is ‘truly natural’.


In 2013 the company’s focus will be on developing motifs which portray iconic images of winter and nature – trees, animals and iconic winter landscapes, all enhanced by the glow and light that is symbolic of the spiritual and traditional meaning of the season.


Sustainability: it’s a natural thing for MK


At the heart of MK’s product range showcased at Christmasworld will be the issue of sustainability.


Sustainability has become more than simply a passing trend – it is now an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.


Firmly on the global agenda, sustainability is also now a ‘key issue’ and ‘buying factor’ for astute customers and end consumers. Subsequently, developing sustainable and creative lighting products is high on MK’s agenda and a key part of its overall corporate strategy.


In response to the demands of its customers and the industry as a whole, MK Illumination continues to seek new solutions and develop its range of products with sustainability at the core of the design and production process.


The continued commitment of MK Illumination to develop products that have a positive impact on the environment is supported by in-depth investigations and ongoing research into issues such as product life and the sustainability of the materials used in its production process.


MK Illumination is committed to providing hard facts to its clients to illustrate that investing in its festive illuminations can not only help them to meet their business and sustainability objectives but is economically attractive too.


Why sustainable lighting is a sound investment

To strengthen its ongoing commitment into sustainable business practices, MK Illumination has engaged the services of Denkstatt (www.denkstatt-group.com/), a leading consultancy company in the field of sustainable development and environmental management, to review the company’s product global footprint.


Paramount in the price vs. quality vs. sustainability argument is the issue of product life. In partnership with Denkstatt, MK Illumination has conducted comprehensive research into its products to identify if and how they maintain their luminosity during their product lifetime when compared to those of its competitors. Initial internal tests have provided clear evidence that the quality of the patented LEDs used by MK have a very distinctive advantage when it comes to ‘loss of lumen’ (Lumen: a measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source). 


The research found that competitors’ products were shown to lose a significant amount of lumen when compared to MK’s products, particularly in the first half of their product life. A poor performing product, which quickly loses its brightness, will inevitably need to be replaced more frequently. This is not only bad for the environment but leads to additional expense incurred by the customer through the cost to replace the product.


In addition to retaining high levels of lumen, MK guarantees that its products provide better value to its customers than its competitors’ because they are also certified to be safe and secure whilst complying with the highest recognised industry standards. Because they do not have to be replaced as frequently and have a less negative impact on the environment they surpass the ‘use and throw away’ mentality.


 “It is clear that the decision to invest in quality LEDs that retain the majority of their lumen over the entire life of the product is more sustainable. A quality product that maintains a bright and sparkling appearance throughout its shelf life is more likely to satisfy a customer demanding sustainable products. Therefore we believe that the Product Carbon Footprint of MK’s competitors could be as much as 2.5 times higher.” xxxx, Denkstatt.


Organic and beautiful

The growing demand for MK’s Organic Line has encouraged the company to expand this range with a variety of new motifs which will be showcased for the first time at Christmasworld 2013.


New additions to the line have been developed according to the same design specification and qualities which have defined its success; with attractiveness and sustainability key factors.  The success of the Organic Line has been characterised by the colourful and attractive appearance which the motifs in the range convey during daylight hours.

Moreover, the increasing demand for the Organic Line underlines the fact that today’s end consumer recognises a well-designed product that is also environmentally friendly and durable.


MK’s Organic Line motifs are developed using a material that is 100% biodegradable. The polypropylene incorporated into the material is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. In addition, the wood content is exclusively sourced from PEFC certified forests less than 100km away from the supplier. The motifs, which also have an attractive product life span, and are therefore more sustainable, are resistant to environmental stress such as weather, water, UV rays, and fungi, and are easy to clean.


Deco and Green Range: Timeless and inspiring.
MK’s Deco & Green Range offers a selection of beautifully handcrafted decorations which are made from natural resources, such as wood. These provide a beautiful effect during daylight hours as well as at night.


Holistic approach to sustainability
MK is committed to improving the company’s sustainability standards in every aspect of its business practices. This even extends to using only FSC certified paper for all of its communications requirements.


MK is pleased to welcome new and existing clients and business partners to Christmasworld 2013 in Frankfurt, and to illustrate the many benefits of sustainable festive lighting.


MK looks forward to welcoming new and existing clients and business partners at Christmasworld 2013 in Frankfurt and to illustrate the many benefits of sustainable festive lighting.



About MK Illumination

Founded in 1996, MK Illumination has earned a worldwide reputation for being an exceptional creator of conceptual festive lighting displays. The company is a competent, innovative and reliable partner with a wealth of in-depth knowledge in this specialised area of business. In keeping with its philosophy of being a regional company with a global reach, MK Illumination maintains independently run subsidiaries in 23 countries, allowing each business to benefit from local knowledge, customs and networking. The company provides a comprehensive service in three main areas: Leisure, Public Spaces and Retail Real Estate.

In 1999, MK opened its own state-of the-art, 6,000-m²-production facility in Prešov, Slovakia where some 20,000 high quality motifs are handcrafted by specially trained skilled workers every year. MK’s Prešov factory has won a regional award for employee satisfaction in the workplace. MK is not only committed to supplying customers with the best products and services, but also the greenest illumination technology and most sustainable business practices.

The company’s extensive client portfolio is perhaps its most illuminating reference as it continues to create remarkable decorative lighting concepts across the leisure and retail segments and to adorn popular public spaces. For more detailed information and images of MK’s reference projects go to http://www.mk-illumination.com/en/references/


Much more at: http://www.mk-illumination.com/


MK Illumination at Germany’s Eltec Fair in Nürnberg!

MK made a big impression at the Eltec Fair in Nürnberg (January 16- 9) and the company’s sparkling 20 square meter booth proved to be one of the most popular photographic motifs. The fair caters for the Electrics and Wholesale Electric segments and visitors were drawn to MK’s stand by the 5.5 m centerpiece tree magnificently decorated in Brilliant White/Brilliant White Flash energy-saving LEDs. On display were company’s special Organic motifs – the sustainable, eco-friendly solution for festive illuminations, and products from the MK Professional Line (http://bit.ly/XanzBe). The three presentations on the topic “Innovations in Festive Lighting” also created a lot of interest.


Illuminations breathe festive atmosphere into tourist and leisure locations

The festive season is also a popular period for tourism and MK has helped to inject the holiday spirit at numerous hotels, restaurants and tourist locations, such as the famous Austrian ski resorts of Sölden and Ischgl as well as Innsbruck, the two time host city of the Winter Olympics.


MK Illumination’s success this year has continued with schemes for luxury hotels like theIntercontinental Kiev in Ukraine, Bratislava’s Kempinski Hotel in Slovakia, the Casino Restaurant in Brussels, Belgium, the Montreal Congress Center in Canada and the Dorint Hotel, the Europark Rust and Abensburg Tower, all in Germany.



MK Schweiz: Sihlcity

Die Weihnachtszeit in und um das Shoppingcenter Sihlcity sorgt dieses Jahr für ein wahres Lichtspektakel. Dank rund 60‘000 LED-Lämpchen erstrahlt der Kamin vor dem Papiersaal wie ein Leuchtturm und ist schon von weitem sichtbar. Aber auch die Bäume auf dem Utoplatz, die Gassen zum Sihlcity, das Parkhaus und die Chalets vor dem Eingang haben einen festlichen Glanz erhalten — Sihlcity ZürichDas Video zu diesem atemberaubenden Projekt: Sihlcity 


Spectacular festive lighting for Shanghai's XinTianDi district

Going out and shopping in Shanghai's XinTianDi district is from December 5, 2012 an illuminating experience thanks to 90 trees wrapped in light chains over a distance of one kilometer, 31 decorated street lights and a total of 600m2 facade

 lighting. The display will be switched on and officially opened at 18:00 hours with the spectacular "2013 Shanghai XinTianDi New Year Lighting Ceremony". Specially created light chains in a fantastic warm white and cold white ‘sparkling’ effect have been used to decorate Shanghai’s largest and most famous shopping precinct. This creates a warm Christmas spirit while at the same time glistens in the sun to recreate a snow bedecked winter landscape


Fabulous Light Crown for the 40th Essen Christmas Market

MK creates a fabulous Light Crown for the 40th Essen Christmas Market above Kennedyplatz, part of some 100,00 points of light injecting real festive spirit. The light crown is made from around 80 x 25-meter strings in colors Ice Light and I

ce Light Flash. The Essen Marketing GmbH in cooperation with MK, have been using energy-efficient LED lighting for the “Lichtwochen” and Christmas Market since 2008. The Lichtwochen and Christmas Market attract some five million visitors.

 — in Essen.


MK Illumination proud to bring Christmas lighting to Hannover

Some 20,000 people turned out in the German city of Hannover to experience the best and brightest of MK's festive illuminations when city officials switched on the display created by MK and partner Wencke Tschentscher of Luminar on Monday evening. Both MK's Thomas Mark and Wencke Tschentscher were in Hannover for the occasion, which marked the launch of MK's most exciting new project for Christmas 2012. Hannover's festive lighting combines creativity and sustainability, using motifs made from organic materials and cutting edge, energy saving LED technology. A plus for the city, its citizens and the environment.


MK Illumination on the Christmas World 2013

Save the Date!

Save the Date! MK Illumination will be at Christmasworld (Frankfurt, Germany January 25-29, 2013) to present everything that is new and beautiful in inspired conceptual lighting for the next Christmas season. CEO Klaus Mark says it is not only a great opportunity to showcase MK’s products and services; it is also the perfect opportunity to meet and greet customers and partners.www.christmasworld.messefrankfurt.com



MK Belgium brings magical festive lighting to Antwerp

MK Belgium has been illuminating Antwerp with spectacular low energy Christmas lighting in a scheme that creates a harmonious look throughout the city. The city has been illuminated with 320,000 LEDs, with some 18,000 mounted on the city’s Christmas tree in the main square (de grote Markt). All together the lighting needs less than thousand watts of power and is destined to bring joy to the city’s citizens and visitors alike.

The city’s newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen also carried a front-page article on the festive lighting. The city trees feature expandable MK StringLites, which do no damage to the trees and can remain in place to be re-used to celebrate other national holidays and celebrations. MK Belgium also had to deploy specialist work when hanging decorations on the City Hall and other historic buildings. As it is not possible to hammer or drill into the facades, all of the lighting had to be assembled and strung on a system of cleverly knotted nylon cords. This is the third year that MK has been responsible for creating festive illuminations for Antwerp.


MK have made a big hit in Belgium

MK's mountain climber partners ATT (www.ATT-Industrie.com) have made a big hit in Belgium! MK-er Johan Boyen sent us this report on national TV (+/- 2.5 million viewers) about the intrepid climbers mounting the Christmas illuminations by MK in Leuven. See the video on our Youtube-Channel

The centuries old city Leuven, with his traditional and modern districts will be transformed in a totally different look. The motto for this Christmas is: Traditional affects modern. The special competition for the mounting team is that most of the buildings are under protection. So the team can't drill or hammer to mount the MK Products. It is not easy to intall such buildings but it's worth to accept the challenge and exiting to do it.


MK Illumination recognized in South African Footprint marketing Award

MK South Africa has already enjoyed great success with its engagement in the "Find and Save the Rhino Treasure Hunt" at the famous Sandton Shopping Center near Johannesburg. Now MK Illumination has been additionally recognized for being part of the project because it has won a South African Footprint Marketing Award.


The annual Footprint Marketing Awards seek to recognize exceptional shopping center marketing, innovation and creative achievements, together with economic success, within the South African property industry. They took marketing objectives and strategy, creativity, implementation, cost effectiveness, impact and results, center productivity, retailer productivity, sales promotion and events as well as public relations and advertising into consideration.


Decoration with meaning

In accordance with the strong trend to produce decoration with meaningful messages, MK Illumination in South Africa last year created a stunning motif of the rhinoceros, one of the classic ‘big five’ South African animal species. The choice of the rhino was also specifically designed to throw the spotlight on one of the continent’s most endangered species. MK’s LED-decorated animal motif was embellished with a golden horn to draw additional attention to the fact that the rhino is hunted down for the ‘value’ of its horn. Rhino horn is popular in some Asian cultures where it is believed to have certain medicinal and life-enhancing properties.


To engage in the Find and Save the Rhino competition, visitors were asked to speculate where in the shopping center the MK rhino was located. They entered a location into an sms message and received a response telling them if they are close by or far away. They could then try again. Prizes were offered by the shopping center and a percentage of the money raised through the SMS campaign went to the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Rhino Conservation Project (http://bit.ly/QQBvAc). Meanwhile the South African Government Information website http://bit.ly/QDDg3N has posted figures to indicate that South Africa has lost 455 rhinos to poaching in the current year, an indication that any campaign that draws attention to the cause is very worthy indeed.

The Sandton City Shopping Center in Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg is one of Africa’s leading and most prestigeous shopping centers. Indeed, it is one of the continent’s premiere fashion and leisure destinations with 300 local and international retailers. It is considered a hub of Afro-cosmopolitan glamour with definite international appeal.




MK-Illumination plays “Mikado” in lights in Shanghai Store Windows Project

MK Illumination Shanghai has been engaged in an exciting and very “playful” project in Shanghai organized for the local leisure and shopping precinct Xintiandi and in cooperation with the Royal Institute of British Architects and the British Consulate General.


“Play your Style” invited a number of British architects to decorate store windows both in and outside and is scheduled to run from September 21 to October 11, 2012.

The British architectural office "Dexter Moren Associates” was commission to decorate the window of the Japanese interior design store "Francfranc". They developed the concept to play with the idea of oversized “Mikado” sticks from the popular game where sticks are gathered in the hand, scattered and then must be picked up one-by-one without moving any of the other sticks.  Dexter Moren wanted to illuminate the oversized Mikado sticks and MK Illumination Design Shanghai was called in to help realize the concept.
The architects originally wanted only to paint the bamboo sticks but for a better effect at night MK proposed using colored foil. Each of the 12-meter long Mikado sticks was illuminated from the inside using bundles of three rope lights with cold white, low energy LEDS for high luminosity over six meters of the sticks. The joins in the bundles of sticks were bound with natural hemp rope, exactly in keeping with MK’s philosophy of promoting the use of sustainable products. The installation took seven days and four nights to erect, deployed a crane with a 10-meter hydraulic ramp and used manpower of up to seven people.


The project was a great example of MK Illumination’s ability to take the global view and benefit from the local perspective and culture.  With its headquarters in the Austrian Tyrol, MK Illumination is active in 23 countries and provides a full service for the design and creation of energy efficient, sustainable conceptual festive lighting for all occasions.


MK Illumination supports “Wasserburg Leuchtet”

MK Illumination, specialist in conceptual festive light for all occasions is pleased and proud to support “Wasserburg Leuchtet” the annual festival of light celebrated in the historic town of Wasserburg in southern Germany.


The Wasserburg celebration takes place every year on the first Friday after the beginning of the new school year and marks the change of the seasons. As the days grow shorter and the nights begin to close in, the people of Wasserburg illuminate their town with decorative lighting to lift spirits and create a special celebration. Facades in the charming historic town are decorated with special lighting effects, the sky is illuminated with the play of laser lighting and the atmosphere is festive, enhanced with artistic effects and all bathed in celebratory colored light.


In 2012, MK Illumination in making a special contribution to this unique regional celebration by contributing a beautiful example of the company’s illuminated ‘Artificial Tree’. The tree, which is ‘dressed’ in a maze of attractive ‘warm white’ flashing LEDs is destined to be another ‘illuminating’ attraction to the town’s celebration.


“We at MK Illumination find the idea and the zest for life that is expressed by the Wasserburg Leuchtet initiative really fantastic. So we are happy to support the event with our ‘Artificial Tree’ to bring even more light to Wasserburg for the local people to enjoy,” Thomas Mark, Vice President Sales MK Illumination.

“Wasserburg Leuchtet” was first held in 1973 and has taken place every year since then.



Shopping Centers in Germany and Portugal win MK Illumination ACROSS Awards

Two shopping centers in Germany and a third in Portugal have received 2012 ACROSS Awards, jointly sponsored by MK Illumination for new shopping centers with innovative flair. Munich’s inner city Pasing Arcade received the award in the category up to 25,000 m2 with its integrated email networking, design and lighting concept. ECE won the category up to 50,000 m2 for their Their-Galerie project in Dortmund, which combined historic and contemporary architecture. Forum Sintra in Portugal won in the largest floor space category for its unique building style and a concept that was designed to be totally sustainable.

Klaus Mark of MK Illumination: “We, as creators of conceptual festive lighting - also for retail real estate - are in the business of making people happy and we are confident that these innovative new shopping centers will bring a lot of pleasure to their customers.”

Seventeen projects in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Poland and Finland made the short list. ACROSS is the only international independent specialist magazine for the shopping center industry in Europe and is available in 40 European countries.


Try using PET Again!

MK, the specialist company for conceptual lighting from the Austrian Tyrol, owes this magnificent comeback of recycled plastic bottles in ‘Magical Winter Moments’ to the artist and designer Guido Fiorio who is also a partner at MK Italy. Incidentally, ‘Magical Winter Moments’ was also the slogan of the MK 2012 stand at the Frankfurt trade show.
The unique festive open-air play of the colorful PET bottles is especially delightful because of their different effects in daylight and at night.
Creating new from old was definitely worth the effort for MK, not only just through a desire to be sustainable but also from an economical point of view. That the success of this unconventional flight of light design into ‘modern Art’ was destined to be ongoing was already apparent last season in Salerno, Italy.


Hannover 2012 - A New Radiance

For the past 26 years, 25,000 light bulbs have spread the festive pre-Christmas mood throughout the capital of Lower Saxony. Now that is a thing of the past. From Winter 2012, Europe’s largest lighting concept utilizing 500,000 LEDs will set new emotional and visual standards as well as brilliant energy technology standards. Together with lighting designer Wencke Tschentscher from ‘Luminar’, MK illumination has developed unique pieces that are as innovative as they are cutting-edge. The design, based on three pillars, includes ‘Big Trees’ with ‘growing’ LED-light chains, the ‘Hannover Tree’ with Organic Balls and Magic String Lite 120®, and the street spanning decorations featuring shooting stars inspired by the historical star of the Magi. Incidentally, the shooting stars have been made exclusively for Hannover and the design pattern is protected. One of the most remarkable details of the concept: the ‘growing’ String Lite®-light chains do not have to be dismantled during the summer months.


380, 000 LEDs for Manchester

MK Illumination in the UK brought Manchester’s city center alive at Christmas time with 380,000 energy- saving LED lights over 55,080 meters of decoration. The company also made a special ‘MCR heart XMAS’ sign for Albert Square to complement the city’s recent ‘I Love MCR’ campaign. Paul Dove, sales director at MK Illumination UK, said: “Shopping centers and authorities have recognized how festive lighting displays can enhance a visitor’s shopping experience… Festive lighting displays are now an essential part of overall marketing strategy.”
The Manchester lighting included two seven-meter reindeers, organic motifs in material that is 100% biodegradable, waterproof and UV-resistant, as well as traditional Christmas motifs. Operations manager Russell Brown said: “There has been a definite return to traditional colors and motifs that replicate Christmas. Traditions give a sense of comfort and security, and there’s no better feeling than the traditional Christmas spirit.


Viennese Christmas Splendor: The Opening of Landstraßer Hauptstraße

With more than 20,000 people visiting it daily on pre-Christmas shopping days, the Landstraßer Hauptstraße has definitely joined the ranks of Vienna’s top ten shopping streets. The growing importance and flair of this shopping mile will be clearly highlighted with new, atmospheric lighting to illustrate the slogan ‘Christmas in the Heart of the City’.
The central motif of the lighting is the heart shape in white and gold. The motifs are made from pure organic ‘renewable’ materials and are 100% recyclable.
In total, 90,000 points of light will delight locals and tourists alike. Some 90 percent of the Austrian capital’s visitors attribute a special flair to Vienna’s Christmas decorations and heartily recommend the city to others.


Golden Shopping

Sandton City, Africa’s most well-known shopping center knows why it’s important to be different. Extended and renovated in 2011 it offers leading retail brands with leisure and entertainment possibilities. It also profits from having Nelson Mandela Square accessible via a pedestrian bridge. MK Illumination created a spectacular light installation and marketing campaign for both Liberty properties that created international attention. This was because alongside the many fabulous LED motifs, there was a dramatic model of one of Africa’s most spectacular creatures, the highly endangered rhinoceros. The model of the animal was in the form of a gigantic illuminated aluminum sculpture with a golden horn because the horn symbolizes the reason the animal is hunted and is therefore under threat.